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First Sunday of Advent

01. December 2013 by purldragon
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And she’s off!

I’m not what you’d call a joiner, particularly when it comes to sports. And while I have been known to watch the occasional Olympic opening ceremony (when it’s been televised at a convenient time) or World Cup grand final (ditto), … Continue reading

28. July 2012 by purldragon
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Since the recent post where I outed myself as a serial WIP-er, I have been making a gargantuan attempt to actually finish some projects. Funnily enough, it’s paid off! Three of the sweaters that were on the needles are now … Continue reading

04. June 2012 by purldragon
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Reasons for knitting: Company in solitude

Watching a cold, cloudy dawn break over the beach is so much better with yarn and needles in hand…

16. April 2012 by purldragon
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