A new job means less time to knit…

I recently rejoined the full-time workforce after nine years at home, keeping my hand in with some freelance work while I raised my kids. With Mr C only a year off double digits though, it seemed like the right time to head back to work.

I feel very lucky to have found this job. It’s interesting work, with a fantastic, friendly team of people, and I’m loving it.

However…it does leave less time for knitting.

I do my best to squeeze in a few rows when I can – and public transport is fabulous for that! – but I can’t just pick up my needles whenever I want to anymore. And oddly enough, that seems to have lit a fire under me! Not only am I blogging again, but I’m also publishing two new patterns today: Vivi and Dublin.

Vivi is a very simple lace shawl, alternating bands of stocking stitch with bands of lace to create a lightweight wrap. I’ve knitted it in two shades of the lovely tosh merino light, but it would suit any fingering weight yarn. I also think it would be just as beautiful knitted in a single colour.

Before we had the little ones, Mr Purldragon and I were lucky enough to spend some time living in Dublin. It was an amazing experience, and Dublin remains one of my favourite cities in the world. Dublin features cosy latticework cables knitted in a soft wool-alpaca blend, creating a warm, squishy fabric that I would have been grateful for on a drizzly day in its namesake city. Here in Australia, it’s perfect for a chilly morning by the beach…

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17. May 2015 by purldragon
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  1. It’s a paradox, but I also seem to have more creative energy flowing while working than on vacation time! But publish two patterns?! Wow! I definitely can’t do this :)

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