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It’s entirely possible that I have a problem…

Recently I caught myself surfing Ravelry, matching up yarns from my stash with potential sweater patterns. Sometimes I even match patterns with yarn I don’t already have. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing…except that I currently have five unfinished sweaters … Continue reading

26. April 2012 by purldragon
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Pass it on…

A week or so ago, my little girl asked me to teach her to knit. She’s just four, but she’s been watching me her whole life and I guess she figured it was time for her to give it a … Continue reading

22. April 2012 by purldragon
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Reasons for knitting: Company in solitude

Watching a cold, cloudy dawn break over the beach is so much better with yarn and needles in hand…

16. April 2012 by purldragon
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How I knit

My way of knitting can loosely be called continental, but it doesn’t resemble any of the English-language You Tube videos that I’ve seen (I have seen some Swedish and Finnish videos that show the same way of knitting, but that’s … Continue reading

09. April 2012 by purldragon
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Isn’t technology supposed to make life easier?

I’m not the most prolific blogger, and my blog has often gone months without an update despite my best intentions. But I like knowing it’s there, waiting for me to tell it something interesting, or show it something pretty. So, … Continue reading

08. April 2012 by purldragon
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