And she’s off!

I’m not what you’d call a joiner, particularly when it comes to sports. And while I have been known to watch the occasional Olympic opening ceremony (when it’s been televised at a convenient time) or World Cup grand final (ditto), I’m not about to get up in the middle of the night for it.

So I surprised even myself when I decided I would participate in the Ravellenic Games. There I was at 6am this morning (9pm last night in London), casting on for Flukra.

Still, you’ve got to love an event that you can participate in while enjoying a rather nice Sauvignon Blanc.

I’d like to say all of the members of my family have been supportive but, while my little fella asked me this afternoon how I was enjoying the Ravellenics so far, and my husband has been content to ply me with said Sauv Blanc and take photos, I suspect Zahra may be trying to sabotage me.

Yes, she’s actually asleep inside my project bag on top of my yarn. Oh well, what kind of Ravthlete would I be if I can’t overcome these sorts of challenges? 😉

28. July 2012 by purldragon
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